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Find information on easing the transition to remote learning, managing kids’ tech use, and getting involved in school, and more.

Beginning of year checklist
  • Help your child find a quiet space at home that will be their designated "school space"
  • Remember to pick up your child's Back-to-School Materials.
  • Check that your child's device is fully functional - internet browser works, device has a charger, etc.
  • Assign a device for your child to use. If you are using an iPad, I highly recommend a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop as we've experienced students having trouble accessing certain functions with an iPad. If you still need a device, the District is distributing Chromebooks. Just email the front office or Principal Chabola for more information.
  • (Optional) Headphones or earphones for your child while participating in live Zoom lessons to minimize background noise


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  • Math
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Schedule a Parent Conference

If you have any of the following questions or concerns you'd like to chat with me about:
  • distance learning questions
  • academic progress or questions
  • social/behavioral concerns
  • further clarification on an upcoming assignment


Technical Assistance

Click the image to the left for any tech-related information. Some topics may include:
  • Lending a district-owned Chromebook
  • Exchanging a district-owned Chromebook
  • Help logging in to learning websites
  • Getting started with your Chromebook